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slow and non-responsive


I'm running this Elonex One+ more or less as supplied but god is it getting slow to respond. Maybe it's beyond coping with all the rubbish attatched to some sites. Gmail seems mostly okay ,Yahoo I can't even get signed in some times and Orange.fr is little better;like a jumble sale. I keep getting notice that script is not responding. I seem to remember folk saying to install puppy linux,is this still the case and would it improve things. Like the laptop and want to make it work. Layman's terms would be appreciated if anyone can help,thanks

There are two possibilities, your LLL is actually slowing down, or the websites are getting heavier.

I could imaging your internal flash is worn-out (how old is it? 4 years? 5?) causing the disk cache of the browser to slowdown the whole user experience.

But of course websites aren't getting any leaner either. And an LLL is not really equipped to handle lots of javascript. If you haven't done already you could install 3MX, and use the Dillo webbrowser, which doesn't support javascript, and just ignores it. Unfortunately a lot of sites just won't work without javascript.

Sorry, Puppy won't run on your LLL. Puppy is x86 only, and your LLL has a Mips processor.

Thanks for your reply. Forgive my ignorance but what is LLL? True these sites are getting no leaner,but I will look into ho to install 3MX,do you know how straightforward that is , sorry but I'm not too switched on when it comes these things. Usually by time I get a grasp things have moved on .

LLL is Little Linux Laptop, a collective noun for all these mips based laptops.

About installing 3MX: 3MX Install Guide. As you are mainly interested in fast browsing, you could use the 3MX rc3 image from here (subfolder 'Recovery images'), as it contains Dillo. Unless you can find rc3.1 somewhere, which contains some bugfixes, I think.

Thanks so much, I'll try installation over the week-end and post if I'm successfulagain thanks


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