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Quick, rough and ready Home networking
« on: September 28, 2008, 01:36:27 PM »

There currently is no SMB client (samba) for the onet, so until someone compiles one, there is a very quick hack to browse files on the hard drive of another computer on your network.

WARNING There are security implications with this, so only use it for short times to transfer and browse files, and firewall to the hilt for external access to the network for web servers.

Right, here we go. Set up your desktop pc as a web server. Use the browser on the onet to point to the ip address of your desktop computer, and browse the files, click on them to download them. I couldn't get Bon Echo to play media files directly, currently still researching this (as per the printing web pages issue), but it will quite nicely view photographs, without having to dl them.

In detail
1. Download and install a web server. Anything will do, but I've used xitami at, because its simple, safe, and solid.
2. Find out your computers ip address
    - start -> run -> type 'command' -> type 'ipconfig'
    - you'll get various numbers, one of which will be something like (for instance)
    - write this down somewhere.
3. Navigate to the xitami folder (or web server)
4. Open xitami.cfg in an editor
5. Edit the line that says
    webpages=c:\(folder of your choice)
    where folder of your choice is - the folder of your choice. If you want to navigate the whole disc then
6. Start xitami
7. Start bon echo on the elonex
8. Enter the ip address you got above into bon echo's address box

You should now be able to browse you desktop's hard drive.

Xitami is a fully functional web server, so, though I haven't done this myself, you should be able to upload files using CGI, and create a front end web page for access of all your elonexes to the PC




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Re: Quick, rough and ready Home networking
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i'd recommend an ftp server, should allow you some limited security.


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Re: Quick, rough and ready Home networking
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Re: Quick, rough and ready Home networking
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gFTP server supports HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP and FSP protocols. See link below.