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power jackplug on elonex onet+


Does any one know what size the plug is that jack plug is that charges an elonex onet+? Or know where I could order one from just need the plug the charger and the socket on the laptop is ok.

This was found in another post:

--- Quote ---After a couple of visits (the first time i forgot to take the Alpha with me so I guessed) to RadioShack I discovered that the 'B' adaptaplug fits the Alpha400 perfectly. So if you need a replacement psu you can get any psu that takes adaptaplugs and put the 'B' tip on it.
--- End quote ---

Hope that's what you meant.


Thanks for that will let you know if I can find one! The sizes over here seem to be listed in mm's . Have found that a small phillips dvd player has the same power supply! :)


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