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unbrick cnmbook
« on: March 19, 2011, 12:21:02 PM »

i have build a (windows)program to reanimate a cnmbook via JTAG-Port.
the JTAG-Emu bases on
my JTAG-Interface is a Olimex-ARM-OCD
and i used the FTDIJTAG.lib.

The program is quick and dirty created, but functions.

-Raise a Debug-Exception to jz4730.
-Ejtag-Emulator offers a little binary-mips-program to jz4730 in Debugmode.
-a binary-mips-program (written in assembler) gets Binary Information (words) from EJTAG-Emulator via address 0xff200000 to 0xff200004 and programs this to nandflash.
 "Debugmessage" offers the binary-mips-program via 0xff200008 and up.

Greetings Dennis


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Re: unbrick cnmbook
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Nice  ;D