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replacement psu and fixing corrupted F3 text
« on: January 13, 2011, 10:59:11 PM »
Thanks to wicknix I am the proud owner of an Alpha400. But I had to learn a few things to start getting some usage out of it and I thought they might be useful to post on here.

First of all wicknix only sent me the Alpha400 not the psu so first of all I had to get a charger for it. After a couple of visits (the first time i forgot to take the Alpha with me so I guessed) to RadioShack I discovered that the 'B' adaptaplug fits the Alpha400 perfectly. So if you need a replacement psu you can get any psu that takes adaptaplugs and put the 'B' tip on it.

The second thing I learnt is that if the F3 recovery screens work but give corrupted text the problem is probably a corrupted MAC in the mac partition (/dev/mtdblock2) and that if you have 3MX on your mipsbook you can fix it by running /etc/init.d/mac_ctrl write 00:21:4D:??:??:??    where you replace the ??'s with the remaining digits from the mac on the bottom of you mipsbook. You can check that'll work before rebooting by mounting the minifs partition and running that is in it in the wkw_sh dir.