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Backlight is broken.
« on: March 15, 2010, 12:20:09 AM »
I received an Elonex One-t a few months ago and used it mostly as an ebook reader in bed. That led to a problem with the power cable and plug, because of the uneven blankets that kept moving the power plug to the point that it didn't make proper contact any more. I sort of solved it by keeping it on a level surface on the table and not moving the cord or the plug so it maintained contact. But now the screen started flickering and eventually died. I think it's the back light because when I shine light on the screen the reflection looks like the thing works fine, just that the screen is dark. Does anyone know of a way to fix this? Also, there is no warranty.

The screen started flickering yesterday and now it died when I turned the light off with the button and it won't come back on even after I rebooted it.