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« on: September 18, 2008, 10:45:08 PM »
An Introduction board or thread....

Just to let people know what sort of Linux/computer experience we are bringing to this Forum.

I will start it off here..

I have around 10 years off and on with Linux. The first version of Linux I used with any anger was Suse 6.1 in 1998. I have given up on Linux a few times, but I am currently managing to keep myself 90% M$ Windows free (at home that is, my work laptop unfortunately runs Windows).

My main job is looking after (Systems Administration) IBM RS/6000s running payroll for a major UK organisation. We have the occasional Linux box.

At home, I currently run Fedora 9 on my Desktop and Mythdora 5 on my PVR (Personal Video Recorder) I have tried Suse, Corel (yes I was suckered in), Mandrake and I currently having a play with Ubuntu. I generally try to keep my home system up to date, by building my own software and occasionally contribute to bug reports on certain projects.

I originally look at this as a challenge to get my Missus and daughter to use Linux, instead of Microsoft products and to have a usable machine for them and me. It seems that there is a lot of work need to be done to achieve this.


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Re: Introduction
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I am a student with limited experience of linux or systems non windows. However since the recent changes for the worse that have happened with windows since the XP to Vista shift I am looking for an alternative to the Microsoft giant.
The ONEt is my first foray into non windows computing since I last used a BBC computer many years ago, and I like it.
In essence I'm investigating options for OSes when my current computer (Dell Inspiron 1501 running XP) kicks the bucket. Preferably something with the compatibility of windows but with more choice and flexibility.
Cheers for listening!  :)


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Re: Introduction
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I have been around computers most of my adult life. In the workplace, maintaining / administering corporate machines / networks; both hardware and applications. At home, begining with a "DIY" Microtan 75, through Acorn BBC Micro and the cut down version which I cannot recall the name of; the Amiga 500 / 1200 range and onto various home built incarnations of Window$ PCs. I guess, with the OneT+, I'm just an old gadget freak who refuses to grow up! But at least, now retired, I have more time to "play" (When she who must be obeyed allows  :-\ )