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I've just had the Elonex OneT delivered. I tried playing an AVI file through the media player and it pixalates badly and skips badly...has anyone else had this problem??



Yes it is not very brilliant, this said it depands what kind of AVI files you try to play.
Some works better than other, depanding on the resolution.
Apart from that and the sound which is hopeless Iloved the t+ !
Good luck!

Yes, you have to keep the bit-rate quite low and the resolution for that matter too. I have a bunch of movies which I converted from DVD to my iPaq (320x240 screen) a few years ago and those tend to play alot better. The poor little <400MHz processor just isn't up to the job of anything with a higher bitrate, sadly.

Duh - sorry I blame the hour but I posted something for the Onet in the ordinary One section - I've corrected that but don't think I can just delete this entry?

You can delete it Go in to the post and use the "Remove" icon top right.


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