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Black Elonex onet+
« on: September 06, 2008, 05:01:57 PM »
Hi, I have received my black elonex onet+, I thought I would make a post to ease peoples fears who might still be waiting on theirs. Until I received mine I was getting disheartened, after reading lots of internet posts I was expecting it to be a load of rubbish but I am very pleased with it so far.

I signed up for 60 minutes of wifi access with to test out if the wifi would work, I went to a local pub that was listed on the wifi hotspot list and was able to connect to the internet no problem. The screen and display looks very clear and bright. Elonex has done a good job on the desktop and I think they will probably be supporting this device with new software and drivers in the future.

The software on the website works on the elonex onet+ I have installed the patch to get root access and it works, I am currently using this laptop to learn how to use linux having been up to this point a windows user exclusively, I plan to replace the operating system with a customised version of linux in the future that’s more suitable to my needs.

Personally I think these types of laptops are going to change the whole computer industry, people are going to start seeing notebooks like walkmans that you buy and use for a year then throw them away at Christmas and get yourself the latest model as they are not that expensive to replace.

Anyway that’s my thoughts on the issue for what its worth.

The software on my T+ is as follows

Web Browser : Bon Echo
Email Box : Sylpheed 2.4.1
Sky Chatting
Network Dial-up
Wifi Connection
Mobile Connection
Sky Word
Sky Table (Excel type program)
PDF Viewer
File Manager
Media Player (I have played a music video avi I downloaded off the net)
Flash Player
Image Gallery
Paint Brush
Recorders (like windows voice recorder)
Desktop Templates
Sound Setup
Date/Time Setup
Network Setup
Owners Profile
Sky Tar (like winzip)
Software Installer
Printer Manager