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Login Window
« on: June 07, 2009, 12:56:14 PM »
Loginwindow package is appeared on skytone'e website.So those who needed it now can go ahead:
System enviroment?Alpha400 system
Dependence:release-3 should install patch sys-start-R3-v01;release-4 should install patch sys-start-R4-v01
Installation?download, decompress and then install with Software Installer(add-remove-1.1.0)
Description?This is an useful tool for Alpha400,a system loginwindow program,ini password is 123456,users can chage to his own favirate.
Note: Users should remember his password,cos you can never login system if you lose password!The only way to reslove this case is do System Recovery.
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Re: Login Window
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That's a cool addition. One of the major stumbling blocks for using the Elonex as an educational machine was that there was no form of password protection.