Author Topic: 3 offer of the ZTE MF627 mobile dongle for £4.95 - does it work?  (Read 9346 times)


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As posted elsewhere on the forum til 31 May you can get a 3 dongle for £4.95 instead of £30.00, see here for more details:,551.0.html

My question now, after looking into this, is that the dongle they supply is a ZTE MF627 ( ). Would anyone know if this is a clone of the E160/220/225 dongles that work with the Elonex? Or even if it's not a clone of those, has anyone tried one and found whether it works or not?

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Re: 3 offer of a mobile dongle for £4.95 and the ZTE MF627 dongle
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Answering my own questions here :)

Apparently there are only two manufacturers of dongles and they are Huawei and ZTE. Linux (let's say Ubuntu for example) has all the drivers for Huawei but none for ZTE. You can get a ZTE dongle going on Ubuntu but with a lot of messing. So the chances of getting a ZTE going on the LLL are even worse....

Unless anyone knows different! :)



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Thanks for the link to the 'free' dongle - very helpful! I had missed it earlier.

The only problem is getting the coupon code. I registered with them y'day, but have not received an email with my claim code. And the phone line was permanently busy...

Two weeks later... I never got through by phone and they never emailed me my registration details - even though I was in before the cut off date. The offer is over now and I bought a Vodafone 'Top up and Go' dongle instead - works fine once you have sussed out that the Access point name needs to be pp.internet - see,491.msg3381.html#msg3381

Months later they emailed me asking if I was still interested. Guess what my reply was!
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Re: 3 offer of the ZTE MF627 mobile dongle for £4.95 - does it work?
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I Have a ZTE MF 628 HSDPA modem, does anybody know how to get this thing working with my Epc700. When I bought it I only got a Windows driver.
I also have another question: I have a Samsung Omnia PDA which also can work as a 3G Modem. It works great with my Eee Pc 901, but I can't seem to get it working with my Trendtac. Does anybody have tried this before and how did you make it work? Thanks!
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