Author Topic: CnM Website down - Does anyone one have the 3 Broadband PAYG settings recorded?  (Read 8725 times)


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What it says in the subject.
One of the pissy things with netiquette these days, no one quotes a damned thing, and assume everything will 'work'...


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<> seems to be working from here at the moment.  I hope they don't mind me posting this (I've omitted the pictures as they don't seem to be essential).

Setting Up a Broadband Connection to 3

1. Plug in the USB 3G modem, the system will automatically detect the modem, this can take up to 30 seconds, because the modem will need this time to set up.

2. The 'Wireless Connection Wizard' will appear. On the main screen please make sure the text boxes have the following information (see Figure1):

Device Type: 3G (Note: This can also be set to GPRS, the CnMbook will connect using 3G or GPRS depending on available signal strength)
Account: Leave this box empty
Password: Leave this box empty
Phone Number: *99#

3. Click on the Properties button and make sure the text boxes have the following information (see Figure2):

Access Point Name: 3internet
Phone Number *99# (this will already be populated)

4. Click the Options tab and make sure the text boxes have the following information (see Figure3):

Auto acquire DNS: Untick this box.
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Auto acquire IP address: Tick this box.
The DNS Server settings are for OpenDNS servers which provide a faster service than 3's default DNS servers.

5. Click the Advanced tab and make sure the Internet Sharing box is ticked (see Figure4):

6. Click the Baud Rate tab and make sure the selection box is set to Default (see Figure5):
7. Click the OK button to return to the main screen on the 'Wireless Connection Wizard', you can now connect to the your Broadband Connection by clicking the Connect button.

8. The connection will show:
[image 'connecting']    [image 'connected']
You are now connected to the Internet.

To connect in the future, click the 'Mobile Connection' icon on the Desktop and click the Connect button.


Double click the 'Mobile Connection' icon on the Desktop and the GPRS connection status will be shown (see Figure1), clicking Disconnect will close the Internet connection.

If you would like to check 3's network availability in your area please check this site.  <>


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I'm still getting a time out on my navigation to the site... must be Orange broadband messing with the DNS AGAIN!

thanks for the posting, and no, the images aren't needed.... ;D


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Use the OpenDNS servers - as recommended by CnM, and by me  :))


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Almost certainly sage advice, but on Vi$ta, one more screw up among the myriad ones is almost negligible