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Install Debian package manager onto minibook
« on: April 21, 2009, 03:03:55 PM »
I've been trying to get the Debian package manager apt installed on the minibook with partial success. I'm able to download the deb packages and dependencies required for installing programs like synaptic but there is a problem when apt tries to install them. It seems there is a problem with the libc package. I've tried to install it manually but it still comes with message to install the 2.6 Kernel. I haven't tried this yet as I don't know if it will break the system.

I've got things to do for the next couple of hours and will try to look into it more later. In the meantime, here is a how-to on what I've did so far. Maybe someone can try it and see if they can figure it out:

  • Download the following deb files:
  • Only the apt and dpkg debs need to be converted to patch files. To do this following the steps in the below link:,382.0.html
  • Only one file is required from sysv.rc. To extract it. do the following -
    Type in terminal:
    ar xv sysv-rc_2.86.ds1-38+etchnhalf.1_all
    enter mc (then enter)
    Go into data.tar.gz tar
    go into user folder
    go into sbin folder
    Press F5
    copy update-rc.d file to where patch files are located
  • Copy the two patch files and update.rc.d onto memory stick
  • Boot up minibook and insert memory stick into USB port
  • Open terminal
  • copy files from USB folder to root folder
  • Type in Terminal the following commands -
      cd update.rc.d
      xap-install dpkg_1.13.26.patch
      xap-install apt_0.6.46.4-0.1.patch
      echo > /var/lib/dpkg/status
      echo > /var/lib/dpkg/available
  • Enter the following command in terminal to update apt-get. If everything works you should be able to download the deb repository source files
     apt-get udpate