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 I'm sure this will help even if your problem differs in parameters.
You'll need to have access to the console ( or 3mx).

Since my father bought the Airport Extreme, enabled a closed wpa2-psk network and changed the SSID to 'Sir Marmaduke Duke', I had been completely unable to connect to the net using my CnMminibook. I looked for advice all over the internet, and for the first time in the history of technology, somebody else hadn't found + solved the problem before me.

Turn on your lll.
When it starts up, open up the likkle Wireless Connect fella.
Now, Ctrl,Alt+F3. Login (root/root or just root).
Type iwconfig and press return.
Now, you'll get some information here.  It'll probably say 'lo no wireless extensions.  eth0 no wireless extensions.' and then it should say eth1 and a load of stuff.

If it isn't eth1, then replace eth1 in the commands below with whatever yours says.

Type this:
iwconfig eth1 essid yournetworkname
replacing yournetworkname with your network's name, blates.

If there are spaces in it, put a \ before it, like this:
iwconfig eth1 essid Sir\ Marmaduke\ Gump

now, ctrl+alt+F2 back to the desktop like a doll and press the Refresh button on the wireless connect.

Now press connect and type in yr password.

It should connect and acquire IP address now alright.
Open up an internet browser just to make it has.  YOU MIGHT HAVE A DNS PROBLEM ON YOUR HANDS, GUYS.

If you do, goback to Wireless Connect and disconnect.  Then reconnect.  This time I want you to go back to the console before it's finished connecting.  When it's started acquiring the IP address, ctrl+alt+f1 and type urself this:
dhcpcd eth1

If the second line it prints isn't "broacasting for a lease" press Ctrl + c and then type it again and repeat this until it does say "broadcasting for a lease".  Then you can relax.  This'll write your dns servers to your resolv.conf and everything'll be sweet as f.

You should be able to connect everytime now by doing that first section with the iwconfig eth1 essid yourssid thing and the refresh and success hooray
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