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Elonex ONEt - 4 months on
« on: April 18, 2009, 03:48:59 PM »
I got my Elonex ONEt at Xmas last year, and just thought I'd post my thoughts on it, having now lived with it for four months.

First, the bad news  :'( :

This machine will never be satisfying as a general-purpose 'Netbook'. I'm afraid that in order to be a 'Web machine' in this day and age, you really need to be able to surf to any site and interact with it in a reasonably seamless fashion. The fact that Flash isn't integrated to the browser means that many sites are, to all intents and purposes, unavailable/useless. The iPhone had to change its marketing campaign due to lack of Flash on its browser.

Videoonline is pretty much pants in terms of 'user experience'. If you really, positively, definitely need to see a YouTube video then it might do in a pinch, but I find the overall experience to be very frustrating to the point that I feel like throwing the thing at the nearest wall/nearest bin (delete as applicable). >:(

Wireless connectivity isn't all it could be. At home, I get a great connection to my Orange Livebox but I've found that it's not so wonderful in the Real World. I was staying in a hotel recently and tried to hook up to the free WiFi using both my Elonex and an old Dell laptop. Even though I was staying in an upper floor, quite a bit away from the nearest WAP, the Dell connected and stayed connected very reliably. I couldn't even get the Elonex to see the network in the first place, never mind connect.

It's pretty slow for video apps. Certain Flash games run just that little bit too slow, or have sound breaking up when you use the Flash Player. Also, video files have to be downgraded quite a bit before they play smoothly on the Media Player.

Now that those points are out of the way, I can celebrate the positive side of the machine !   :)

Firstly, I just love the way it looks and feels. You can just about shove it into a coat pocket on your way out the door. It's sturdy and positive when opening/closing or typing. Plus, my kids' friends all think it looks 'cute' when I'm using it outside.   :D

It makes for a fairly decent MP3 player. Yes, the standard Media Player is lacking certain functions, but I find the actual sound quality to be surpringly good over earphones (just remember to TURN DOWN THE VOLUME first !).

The 'office apps' are perfectly adequate for writing/editing docs on-the-go, and I can use the spreadsheet to compile expense claims as they occur when I'm working away, rather than having to organise all my receipts, etc when I return home.

For surfing to normal (non-Flash) web sites, the machine is quite capable, especially if you use the Bon-Echo tweaks listed on this forum. I often browse Slashdot, The Register and other tech news sites using it, and it's fairly responsive. Even Facebook is just about useable (in basic, non-app mode).

The PDF and E-Book readers are fine for carrying a virtual 'pile of books' around on a little SD stick. I'm currently reading the Watchmen graphic novel using the PDF Reader on the default OS, and enjoying it (i.e. reading it on an LCD display doesn't distract too much from my involvement in the story).

You can use it as a movie player, so long as you're not too bothered about visual details ! I've got quite a few movies (comedies, mostly) on my 2GB SD card, as they only take up 100-150MB each, once they've been converted (I use File Factory on my Windows PC for this).

The battery life is pretty good. I can usually get about 3 hours use from one charge, which works out to about 2 movies on average. This is useful for keeping the kids amused when driving them somewhere. In contrast, the rechargeable battery on my daughter's portable DVD player lasts about 50 minutes if you're lucky !

It's a fun portable games console. No, really ! With native apps, Flash games and emulator games (e.g. Spectrum, Gameboy), you can spend hours on the LLL playing some really entertaining games. If I have to pick someone up and expect to be waiting for a while, it's a great way to pass a few minutes. No, it's not as suited to purpose as a DS, but then new games don't cost upwards of 20 quid, either !

The operating system: Quite frankly, by the time you slap on a GUI, a desktop manager and a browser, every OS becomes effectively transparent to the user. My kids are happy to switch between Windows and Linux, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer at home and they were immediately able to use the LLL as soon as I switched it on for the first time. So, I don't care that it's not Windows (and I wouldn't care if it wasn't Linux, either) - it reads MS-type files and the apps are all fairly intuitive to use. Hell, the Default OS even seems pretty robust most of the time !

It's cheap ! When you consider how flexible and fun this little device is, the purchase price almost seems to be in the 'impulse buy' region, rather than something you have to budget for and justify. A more capable Netbook or full-powered Laptop on the other hand would give me pause for thought.

Summary: All in all, this has been a pretty useful machine to me and I'm glad I've got one. In terms of usefulness to me specifically, I'd give it between 8 and 9 stars out of 10. I know that to the general market, the score would be a lot lower, but I can only speak for me !  ;)  My advice is not to look upon it as a PC or even a Netbook. Forget its limitations and what it can't do and just see as a fun, flexible, portable.......thing.  ;D


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Re: Elonex ONEt - 4 months on
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2009, 03:23:45 PM »
Yes  :))


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Re: Elonex ONEt - 4 months on
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2009, 03:32:22 PM »
I must agree with you and have come to the same conclusion myself,
happily this was never intended as my main pc and therefore I can appreciate It's usefulness without too many real problems, I do not, nor have ever expected to do any graphic designing on this but can happily show my latest snaps of her grandchildren to my mother who finds it difficult to see the small screen of my camera screen. as with the ability to surf the web or continue to finish off my work on the move what else could i ask for? media player,spreadsheet,dictionary,calender,calculator................................................
I have tried other distros on this lll but i have found the default os  adequately caters to my requirements, I have yet to find anyone unable to pick this up and been unable to start using it with any difficulty.
 I have of course installed themes and games  to my tastes but the default software is still running along quite happily.

Artus Irbe

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Re: Elonex ONEt - 4 months on
« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2009, 08:34:40 AM »
I am in the same boat Utd... Got it for Xmas. Had to get it replaced once after FF Addons died, and the whole thing died, and now the charger. My sister is constaly crying over how bad a laptop it is. But you underlined the fact this isnt a laptop. Quite honestly, I love using this! I have an EEE PC for internet, facebook, aMSN, Games ect... and for 180 quid its a great notebook but this... this is a toy! And the only bit of cross windows - 3MX issue i have had is when i am on 3mx i click on the desktop to get the menu up. i spend five miniutes trying to do this on XP, but realise i cant... ::). but as a communication, IRC and basic browsing with quick start up, its pretty good. and your score as a devoted user is so true. 8.5 i think, but with 3mx 9. :D


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Re: Elonex ONEt First impreshions.
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2009, 06:51:23 PM »
hi all just been reading the post related to long term use of the LLL having just recived mine this morning i thorght id share some 1st impreshions :)

ok so this is never going to be a real netbook (ducks to aviod flying objects) ive an acer asipre one as my netbook and its a grand thing but i digress. The LLL fits the bill for 90% of the things i need it was baught to replace my ageing palm 515 mostly as a pdf reader / bookreader and for that i cant falt it .

as far as web browsing goes ive had no problem as i dont do alot of flash games the overall performance of the browser leves somthing to be desire but considering the hardware ... well it would be curish to complain

overall im quite impress for somthing that cost so little it works well
thanks all for taking time to read the rantings of a fat auld Scott