Author Topic: START HERE!! (Search first, ask second) Board Rules and Etiquete  (Read 6483 times)


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Hello and welcome to the the forum.

If you've got a question, please take the time to search existing posts first.  You are likely to find that the answer is already here.

Only if you really cannot find the answer should you then post a question (we're a friendly bunch, but frustration can set in when the same questions get asked again and again).

Make sure that you put your post in the correct board.

Remember, advice or suggestions given on the forum are from other community members and you use the information given at your own risk.  Please read the full terms and conditions for using this site here,2.msg2.html#msg2

Finally, structure your question well, giving as much information about the laptop you are using, the operating system installed, updates added and any relevant information about hardware being used.  Give the post title a relevant name (ie not HELP WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!) so that others can benefit in future from the answer.

Many thanks for joining the forum - try and take the opportunity to help others when you can.

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