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Changing themes
« on: March 16, 2009, 11:16:52 PM »
This is more of a work in progress than a how-to.

For some info, there are two sorts of themes, one for the desktop and one for window decorations. The desktop is self explanatory and is the theme for the desktop and all the program icons in the various tabs as well as on the toolbar like battery and the desktop background. The window decorations are the look and style of the windows when they are opened eg close and minimise button icons, colours, thickness of window borders etc.

The desktop themes are stored in folder /share/xip_style. Each theme is stored in as a sub-folder inside this, the default two are called sky-uk1 & sky-uk2.  Going each theme folder contains a few files and a sub-folder called pixmaps. The file is where the name of the style is stored. style-ping is a preview image of the theme. The file contains details of all the desktop icons. The sub-folder pixmaps contains all the images used in the desktop theme.

I copied the contents of the folder sky-uk1 to a new one in /share/xip_style called sky-uk3. As a test, I took an image off the internet and converted it to PNG format. I them copied it to /share/xip_style/sky-uk3 and background.png. I then went into Desktop Template application. The New theme appeared and I selected it. It worked although the background image is fuzzy. I don't know much about images. I think it may need downsized to be view properly.

There is a problem though when trying to change themes back. When you go back into Desktop Template application, it goes back to the X11 screen which suggest the window manager has crashed. I rebooted the machine and was able to go into Desktop Template application and change theme back.

To the Window decorations theme. This is a bit more complex and I haven't looked into much. These are stored in /share/themes. The name of the window manager that that minibook uses is called Matchbox. There is a tutorial on how to create themes in the following link:

I also found a number of themes in the following link:

You can download these, unzip the file and copy the folders to /share/themes.

You can change the theme by entering the following command on XTerm.

matchbox-remote -t (name of theme)

The names of the themes seem to correspond to the name of the folder ie blondie which is one of the default themes.

matchbox-remote -t blondie

I have noticed however with a few of the themes I downloaded that the minimize icon disapears.

I don't really know much about theme building but I hope somebody who does may find this helpful.