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Easy way for an alternative file manager
« on: March 16, 2009, 07:50:59 PM »
As the supplied file manager isn't the best, it seems that best alternative is Midnight Commander on the xterm.

Rather than having to open Xterm then type in mc, it can be loaded directly by clicking on an icon.

To do this :

1) Install Xterm and MC, if not already installed
2) Click on Xterm icon (the xterm console is opened)
3) type in mc and enter (the MC appears)
4) Click on share folder
5) click on share application
6) click on xip-0030-Xterm.desktop
7) Press F4 (the Edit screen will appear with contents of .desktop file)

Replace the line:

Exec=/usr/bin/xterm -geometry 130x37


Exec=/usr/bin/xterm -geometry 130x37 -e /usr/bin/mc

8) Press F10
9)Click on Yes (to Save and Exit)
10) Reboot machine

when you click on the Xterm icon, the Midnight Commander application already appears

Alternatively, if you want to keep the xterm and have another one for MC:

i) follow steps 1 to 6 above.
ii) Press Insert key (the name will turn black to show it is selected)
iii) Press F5 key (the Copy box appears)
iv) In the to: field enter xip-0032-mc.desktop
v) Press Ok
vi) click on xip-0032-mc.desktop
vii) Press F4

Replace the lines:
Exec=/usr/bin/xterm -geometry 130x37

Exec=/usr/bin/xterm -geometry 130x37 -e /usr/bin/mc

iv) Press F10
v)Click on Yes (to Save and Exit)
vi) Reboot machine

Hopefuly if everything is done properly, an extra icon is displayed called MC which will load straight into MC.

This can be done without MC by the following commands:

cd /share/applications
vi xip-0030-Xterm.desktop

Amend the details as appropriate

Press Esc
Type in :wq
Press Enter
Reboot machine

If you want the MC icon:
cd /share/applications
cp xip-0030-Xterm.desktop  xip-0032-mc.desktop
vi xip-0032-mc.desktop

Amend the details as appropriate

Press Esc
Type in :wq
Press Enter
Reboot machine