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Useful Links - updated 11/10/08
« on: September 13, 2008, 08:06:29 AM »
The Netherlands Trendtac site with a patch to get root access (last link).

The Epc700 is a clone of the Onet and this site contains links to other suppliers pages plus useful links.

Jan Rinze goes into detail about cross compiling, native compiler, mounting JFFS2 images and restoring the kernel to flash. Rather technical.

The little Linux Laptop site with hardware and software links. A source of adding programs via the updater.

Another source of .info and .patch files for software additions via the updater.

A directory of Debian Mipsel pacages that can be used to provide more software.

The Hyves Netherlands thread of extra applications.

A Google Groups unofficial Elonex One email group -

CnM Lifestyle Products, Software downloads page for the  CnMBook - Includes upgrade to 2.6 kernel plus driver for 3G dongle users.

CnM Lifestyle Products, complete "zipped" source code ( 511MB) for the Operating System and also individual files. Postal address for requesting cheap CD copy -

The mini web book site with guides and tips -
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Useful link too
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Wicknix site for the packages he created (from 3MX):
God bless Him!  8);O=D

Artus Irbe

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Re: Useful Links - updated 11/10/08
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Websites designed for mobilephones or other devices with limited capacity,slow net etc. (google mobile products)

Well done Levi! :) Thats great to know. To make sure this isn't a dead post, i'll add... <-- makes big sites easier to read. Not tried on teh LLL so might reformat the screen size to fit a phones screen.

Hopefully we could build up a library of usefull links to sites that do what we want, (facebook for example) Without takeing an age to load!