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Artus Irbe:
*********Little Linux Laptop IRC**********
Wicknix has registared an IRC Channel on the Freenode network for us to talk about the laptop, linux and things in general!

Now for those of you who dont know, IRC is Internet Relay Chat. Basicly a chat room. Logging on to this chatroom is easy on 3MX! Simply,
1) Open up XChat
2) It will automaticly connect, but to change your name open the server menu on the top left (where file is usually) and change your details.
3) Save your new name, and hey! your on IRC!

Pidgin also does this but i forget how, and for now, i cant help much on the pidgin front because my laptop copped it cos of the charger so im not much help. I will come back with instructions tonight however!

Hpe to see you on #littlelinuxlaptop soon!

Now so we know who is who (if you have an account on here that is) If you could put your name on IRC, times you can be on, if you would like a real name and 3MX Version or if you still have the defult that would help us. This isnt 3MX specific, just Little Linux Laptop Specific so dont be hesitant if you do have the defult.


Artus Irbe:
I will go first:

Times on between 15.00 20.00pm to between 22.00 23.00 pm (gmt) on every night. My user name is gully15
My name is Sam

I guess i can do admin stuff... like putting bug reports and linking the chat room to here...:S not much use then...

I'm usually on mon-fri 8pm-11pm CST and random times during the weekend. Same username as used here.

Please note there may be times that you see users, but they dont seem to talk. Some people like myself arent always by their pc, or arent looking directly at their irc client. If somebody is available they will respond.


what is it? some kind of chatroom?

Artus Irbe:
Yeah levi, on the lll, in skychatting or messenger (depending on wha it says) open up irc and make a username, then go on to the buddies tab, add chat and add #littlelinuxlaptop
press ok or save or what ever it is and hey presto at the top of your contacts list there is the Internet Realy Chat for this site and the Little Linux Laptop website.


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