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Sent My Order Back - already! (Long Post)
« on: October 30, 2008, 10:48:01 AM »
I wasn't too sure where to put this as I couldn't see anywhere on the board dealing or relating to this returns; if I've missed it, I've no problem if this is moved to the relevant part of the board.

But yes, unfortunately I've had to return my One-t.  I had put in an order for three of them in February as two relatives also wanted one.  It didn't bother me but I know the others were annoyed that they didn't get it in June and despite the multiple promises of delivery in August, they finally arrived in that first week of September.  I thought it was great, it was originally bought as a back-up for the home pc/laptop but somehow it was emotional-turned into a laptop for my son to use. ::) ;)  Actually it wasn't too bad an idea as I got better access to work on the home pc when I wanted to or useful to have when I wanted to check something quickly. 

Anyway we got used to our first experience of Linux - especially my young 'un, I think my only grumbles was that the page loading could be a little quicker (this did happen occasionally) as some scripts caused delay and in hindsight I would have preferred a screen slightly bigger than 7".  Trying to download flash was another nightmare as was attempting to view YouTube but I still would have given it 8/10 considering the order delay, whereas by the end of the month I had heard the other two laptop owners had not adapted to Linux as much; one of the laptops had met in an accident resulting in a damaged screen and the other had now stopped working.  As I had no problem with my own, I thought this was down to poor handling.... until the same thing happened to me a fortnight later. 

The experience described by the other owner was similar to my own: I had used it one morning as normal, it said the battery was low (it was spelt 'bettery' from day one), put in the external power plug, finished what I was doing in a couple minutes and I either shut it down or left it for my son to shut it down whilst still on charge.  Checked it that evening, nothing, just thought it required a full 24hr charge as the lights were still at the front of the unit (a similar thing happened previously when my son took to away with him and after 24hr charge it was fine).  Checked next morning, nothing, no lights, no power. Took out charger, put it back in, a light came on at the front, minutes later it was gone, nothing.  I know there is a hardware button (or similar name/function) somewhere on the bottom of the unit but I didn't think this was a hardware issue, I'm guessing it was something to do with the battery and even if it wasn't, I shouldn't have to resort to 'this button' within a few weeks of purchase of a brand new product! Neither did I know of its effect. I know sometimes things do just go wrong but this is a fault happening to the two different people within 4-5 weeks of use.  It's bad enough that my son had accustomed it and had some music and other bits on there but this could have caused distress or problems if there were homework, notes, study pieces, meeting minutes, etc on there that we could have lost.

That said, Elonex have been fine so far more so than I expected, be warned though - if you email (or call?) for support on a weekend you are going to get nowhere as my emails were returned when I tried but the same address was fine Monday morning.... and it wasn't down to my email server as I tried to do the same from work.  Once I got a response, it was quick and more or less tell us when and where you want us to pick up the laptops and how many and we'll come and get them.  They even provided the labels and also took back the damaged one and the accessories we had bought with the laptops.  They are or the one person I happen to get is being sooooo accommodating in order to have a great (genuine?) customer service or the pessimist in me is thinking perhaps they've been deluged by customers returning laptops out of irrational disappointment and at least I've a reason for my return.  We'll see as the laptops were collected this week, I'm waiting to hear when I'll get my promised full refund....  ;)

This is my experience, there is bound to be lots of different experiences varying from the very good to the very bad of the same product (hence my search led me to this site).  Would I buy another One Laptop?  No - for the offer price I still think it was a bargain and would hold on to yours if you were one of the people who paid the deposit in February and got the free upgrade and had no fault with it but advise you to back up your work on there (or any PC/laptop to be honest - that's what I had bought my One-t for!).  Personally I couldn't be fully trusting of it if another was offered to me which is why I say no and I was slightly disappointed about the contact on the weekend.  For the assumed price they'll have it (without offer), I'd rather pay an extra few coins and buy something else with a slightly bigger screen - I see some 9-10" netbooks/laptops out there for about £200-300 that would suit us better.


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Re: Sent My Order Back - already! (Long Post)
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2008, 04:27:57 PM »
Well well, refund (minus delivery charge) in my account this afternoon.  I can't fault them on the speed and service given in regards of sending the items back.  8)